PCB Design for Absolute Beginners: Layout Printed Circuit Boards in a Web Browser

Video description

Are you an electronics enthusiast interested in building circuits? Are you still using breadboards or modules for your creative projects? We will take you a step beyond that through the field of printed circuit boards. PCBs allow you to build more complex circuit designs easily. Beginning with no assumed knowledge about PCBs, we will teach you how you can design your own printed circuit board with only a computer web browser.

PCBs are the green boards that you see inside almost every electronic device in your home. They have a lot of components connected with metal tracks. We will teach you how to make those green boards step-by-step. First, we will look at what a PCB is exactly and how one works. Then we will explore various steps required for planning a new build. Using easily accessible software, we’ll walk through component selection, schematics, and finally board layout. With simple software and readily available components, you will be able to create a beautiful PCB for your project.

Designing PCBs provides a variety of practical lessons that will help you tackle more complicated electronics and robotics projects. From understanding how different components work together to the importance of proper planning, circuit board design can teach you valuable engineering skills. You’ll develop important skills in engineering, such as project planning, forward-thinking, and project-to-product conversion skills. Let’s start learning printed circuit board design!

What You'll Learn
  • Select the right components for the task
  • Draft schematics that match with your components
  • Align tracks to make connections between your component pins and pads

Who This Video Is For
Hobbyists, electronics enthusiasts, and students who have a working knowledge of electronics and want to step ahead in circuits and engineering. 

Product information

  • Title: PCB Design for Absolute Beginners: Layout Printed Circuit Boards in a Web Browser
  • Author(s): Parshant Sharma
  • Release date: January 2022
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781484280409