About This Book

The MindShare Architecture Series

The MindShare Architecture book series currently includes the books listed in Table 1 below. The entire book series is published by Addison-Wesley.

Table 1. PC Architecture Book Series
Processor Architecture80486 System Architecture3rd0-201-40994-1
Pentium Processor System Architecture2nd0-201-40992-5
Pentium Pro and Pentium II System Architecture2nd0-201-30973-4
PowerPC System Architecture1st0-201-40990-9
Bus ArchitecturePCI System Architecture4th0-201-30974-2
PCI-X System Architecture1st0-201-72682-3
EISA System ArchitectureOut-of-print0-201-40995-X
Firewire System Architecture: IEEE 1394a2nd0-201-48535-4
ISA System Architecture3rd0-201-40996-8
Universal Serial Bus System Architecture ...

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