Chapter 2. Adding an Internet Connection to Windows 7

In This Chapter

  • Obtaining the right account data

  • Checking your physical connection

  • Creating a dialup, DSL, or cable connection in Windows 7

  • Troubleshooting a faulty Internet connection

Albert Einstein once said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." When it comes to adding an Internet connection, however, our friend Albert is just plain wrong. (No disrespect intended — Albert was truly a genius.)

You'll find that this chapter is definitely a work of nonfiction — and for good reason. For most PC owners, setting up an analog dialup, satellite, DSL, or cable connection (or "installing the Internet," as I've heard it called) seems to be one of the most daunting tasks possible. And that's a shame because adding an Internet connection is really a simple process. It's just full of all sorts of strange and weird numbers and snippets of data.

With more and more PC owners turning to broadband Internet connections (like cable and DSL), the old-fashioned dialup modem is already preparing to join the other antique hardware in the PC Dinosaur Museum. However, until we all have access to broadband connections (and those faster connections become more affordable), this chapter continues to remove the mystery behind all flavors of going online, so that you can get — and stay — online!

Gathering the Account Incantations

Unfortunately, setting up an Internet account is still not a plug-and-play operation, but that's not the fault of Windows 7. ...

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