Chapter 23. Software Installed, Uninstalled, and Upgraded

In This Chapter

  • Adding programs to your PC

  • Starting programs

  • Pinning programs

  • Creating desktop shortcuts

  • Removing software

  • Updating and upgrading software

  • Using Windows Update

A computer system is a thing to behold, but it's not worth a darn unless it has software inside the thing that actually gets something done. Those programs are the things that make the computer useful to you, make you productive, keep you entertained, or distract you to the point of obsession. This chapter covers the topic of computer programs.

Installing Software

Computer programs don't magically jump from the (mostly empty) software box into your PC. Nope, all software in your computer must be properly granted entry. The process, called install or setup, is something you'll do often as you use your computer and explore its possibilities.

Here are some generic steps for installing computer programs. These steps assume that you purchased a software program at the store or had it shipped to you. For information on installing software you download from the Internet, refer to Chapter 18.

  1. Open the software box.


    This step may seem obvious, but I recommend that you try not to rip up the box. You should keep it intact, either for long-term storage or in case the store lets you return the software.

  2. Savor the industrial epoxy odor of the box's insides.

  3. Scour the box for printed information.

    Specifically, you want to find a Read Me sheet or Getting Started booklet.

    You may ...

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