Chapter 28. Sharing Your Life Online

In This Chapter

  • Using Facebook

  • Tweeting your thoughts

  • Locating an image hosting Web site

  • Putting your pictures on the Internet

  • Signing up for YouTube

  • Publishing videos

Once upon a computer time, the rage was to create your own Web page. Doing so made you part of the high-tech in-crowd. You could use that Web page to tell the Internet what was going on with your life and perhaps even share some pictures. It was a technical thing, but still many people decided that they couldn't live their lives without their personal Web pages.

The days of needing your own Web page are long gone. Sure, you can still have one, but most likely all the things you planned to do with your own Web page are now possible by sharing your life online using social networking, as well as online photo- and video-sharing Web sites. How all that is done is this chapter's topic.

Social Networking

The bulk of what you would consider to be your digital life on the Internet — sharing your photos and thoughts and such — is handled by the variety of social networking sites available on the Internet. These sites allow you to share your electronic self with friends, family, and coworkers. The good news: They're free. Well, for now. This section highlights some of the stuff you can do with social networking Web sites.

Sharing your life on Facebook

The most popular social networking Web site is Facebook. It's a place where you can connect with friends, share your thoughts, send messages, post photographs ...

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