Chapter 8

Merry Monitor Mayhem

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering the monitor

arrow Understanding the display adapter

arrow Setting up a PC monitor

arrow Adjusting the resolution

arrow Adding a second monitor

arrow Setting monitor orientation

Contrary to what Hollywood may have led you to believe, text makes no noise when it appears on a computer screen. Text also appears rather quickly, not one letter at a time. If you really want a noisy computer, you need to return to the deafening days of the teletype, which served as the main input-and-output gizmo for the ancient, steam-powered mainframe computers of the 1960s. Things today are much better, and quieter.

The PC’s Graphics System

Your PC’s graphics system is composed of two parts. The pretty part, the one that the hackers don’t see when they’re hunched over the keyboard, is the monitor. It’s what most normal people stare at while they use a computer.

The second ...

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