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Peace and Justice

Book Description

Peace and Justice is a part of the series, Imagine a New South Asia', presented by ActionAid International Asia. The book has contributions from authors spread across the subcontinent, voicing the need for imagining a new South Asia. This volume is an expression of the yearning of the people of this region for a peaceful, violence-free and inclusive South Asia free from poverty, inequality, injustice and conflict. The articles in this volume include discussions on diverse topics such as conflicts and the prospects of peace in the Kashmir valley, accountability of the state, problems related to governance, challenges faced by democracy, politics of secularism in Bangladesh, the alternative to war in Sri Lanka, and the perspective of Pakistan vis-a-vis peace and justice within the subcontinent. They create a vision of a unified pluralism in this region, which is currently tainted by the practice of hegemony and oppression in the name of religion, ethnicity, caste and culture.