Peace First

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Uri Savir has an ambitious, indispensable goal: to bring peacemaking into the 21st century. “Little in today's world,” writes Savir, “is more progressive than modern warfare. Yet little is more archaic than peacemaking.” We remain trapped in a centuries-old mindset, with leaders bargaining warily for concessions and signing treaties that collapse because no one on the ground has any real stake in them.

Drawing on his experiences negotiating the Oslo Peace Accords as well as on trenchant examples from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Northern Ireland, and the former Yugoslavia, Savir argues that an enduring peace is built from the bottom up, not from the top down. He describes a new model based on establishing and nurturing mutually beneficial forms of cooperation beginning on the local level, city to city and organization to organization.

This process of “glocalization”—involving local actors in global issues—is the first step toward constructing a peace ecology: a comprehensive transnational culture dedicated to breaking down the psychological and social barriers between former enemies. These efforts are furthered through the establishment of joint ventures that give each side a tangible stake in maintaining peace. Diplomacy still has a role, but it must reject maneuvering for gain and instead emphasize the advantages both sides will gain with the cultivation of lasting peace.

Throughout Savir provides concrete examples of how these concepts have been put into practice. And he ends with a detailed vision of how this model could bring an enduring peace in one of the world's most war-torn areas: the Mediterranean Basin. Peace First offers a pragmatic yet revolutionary new approach that promises to end our most intractable conflicts.

Table of contents

  4. FOREWORD by Shimon Peres
  5. FOREWORD by Dennis Ross
  6. INTRODUCTION Making Peace in a World at War
  7. PART I The Challenge Archaic Peace
    1. CHAPTER ONE Old-Fashioned Peacemaking
    2. CHAPTER TWO The Oslo Roller Coaster: A Mixed Model
      1. February 1994: Davos, Switzerland
      2. October 1994: Casablanca, Morocco
      3. An Imperfect Peacemaking Parable
  8. PART II A New Model The Four Pillars of Modern Peace
    1. CHAPTER THREE Participatory Peace and Glocalization
      1. The Power of the City
      2. Mayors as the New Peace Leaders
      3. A Direct Line to Citizens
    2. CHAPTER FOUR Peace Ecology
      1. Common Values Are Key
      2. The Role of the Media
      3. Regional Influence
    3. CHAPTER FIVE Peacebuilding
      1. Economic Projects and the Peacebuilding Triangle
      2. Tourism
      3. Technology and the Arts
      4. Youth Projects
    4. CHAPTER SIX Creative Diplomacy
  9. PART III The Modern Process Steps to Lasting Peace
    1. CHAPTER SEVEN The Peace Barometer
      1. Measuring Peace
    2. CHAPTER EIGHT Peacemakers
      1. The Peace Leader
      2. For Once, In Praise of Bureaucrats
    3. CHAPTER NINE Planning
      1. Strategic Goals
      2. The New Peace Partner
      3. Erecting the Four Pillars
    4. CHAPTER TEN Negotiation
      1. The Characteristics of a Modern Negotiator
      2. Modern Strategy
      3. Tactics
      4. Reflection in the Media
    5. CHAPTER ELEVEN The Peace Treaty
      1. Part I: Goals and Vision
      2. Part 2: Definition of Peaceful Relations
      3. Part 3: Regional Framework
      4. Part 4: Rehabilitation
      5. Part 5: Peacebuilding
      6. Part 6: Glocalization
      7. Part 7: Peace Ecology
      8. Part 8: Comprehensive Security
      9. Part 9: Implementation Monitoring
      10. Part 10: International Involvement
    6. CHAPTER TWELVE Implementation
      1. Internal Implementation
      2. Joint Implementation
    7. CHAPTER THIRTEEN International Roles and Reforms
      1. Peacebuilding, Glocalization, and Peace Ecology
      2. Security Arrangements
      3. International Reforms
  10. PART IV On the Ground Pax Mediterraneo
    1. CHAPTER FOURTEEN Peace in the Mediterranean Basin: What Will It Take?
      1. A Region of Commonalities, a Region of Conflict
      2. The Mediterranean Proclamation: A Vision of Peace
    2. CHAPTER FIFTEEN Cities and Youth
      1. City-to-City Networking
      2. Youth Empowerment
    3. CHAPTER SIXTEEN Human Rights and Peace Education
      1. Peace Barometer
      2. Human Rights
      3. Media Campaigns
      4. Media to Media
      5. Intercultural Exchanges
    4. CHAPTER SEVENTEEN Joint Economic, Social, Environmental, and Tourism Ventures
      1. Economic Ventures
      2. Social Ventures
      3. Environment
      4. Tourism
    5. CHAPTER EIGHTEEN Borders, Security, and the International Community
      1. Borders
      2. A New View of Security
      3. The Role of the International Community
  11. CONCLUSION A New Vision for 2020
  12. AFTERWORD by Abu Ala (Ahmed Qurei)
  13. NOTES
  15. INDEX
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Product information

  • Title: Peace First
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2008
  • Publisher(s): Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781576759479