Linux wireless utilities

Linux, as mentioned in the previous chapters, offers a vast wealth of networking utilities at our disposal. This includes 802.11 wireless networking utilities as well, and we will go through a few programs that we can use along with our Perl scripts. Some of these utilities include:

  • modprobe
  • iw
  • airmon-ng
  • ifconfig
  • iwconfig
  • ethtool
  • iwlist
  • wlanconfig
  • wpa_supplicant

Most of these utilities are covered in the PTES Technical Guidelines. Modprobe is used to load and unload device drivers that are compiled as kernel modules. When used in our Perl scripts, modprobe can help us determine the availability of certain wireless network interface card (WNIC) drivers. Airmon-ng is a scripted interface for several other utilities to set and remove ...

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