Time for action—starting and customizing Spoon

In this tutorial you're going to launch the PDI graphical designer and get familiarized with its main features.

  1. Start Spoon.
    • If your system is Windows, type the following command:
    • In other platforms such as Unix, Linux, and so on, type:
    • If you didn't make spoon.sh executable, you may type:
      sh Spoon.sh
  2. As soon as Spoon starts, a dialog window appears asking for the repository connection data. Click the No Repository button. The main window appears. You will see a small window with the tip of the day. After reading it, close that window.
  3. A welcome! window appears with some useful links for you to see.
  4. Close the welcome window. You can open that window later from the main menu.
  5. Click Options... ...

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