Time for action—reading results of football matches from files

Suppose you have collected several football statistics in plain files. Your files look like this:

Group|Date|Home Team |Results|Away Team|Notes
Group 1|02/June|Italy|2-1|France|
Group 1|02/June|Argentina|2-1|Hungary
Group 1|06/June|Italy|3-1|Hungary
Group 1|06/June|Argentina|2-1|France
Group 1|10/June|France|3-1|Hungary
Group 1|10/June|Italy|1-0|Argentina
World Cup 78
Group 1

You don't have one, but many files, all with the same structure. You now want to unify all the information in one single file. Let's begin by reading the files.

  1. Create the folder named pdi_files. Inside it, create the input and output subfolders.
  2. By using any text editor, ...

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