Time for action—getting variables for setting the default starting date

Let's modify the transformation so that the starting date depends on a parameter.

  1. Press Ctrl+T to open the transformation settings window.
  2. Add a parameter named START_DATE with default value 01/12/1999.
  3. Add a Get variables step between the Calculator step and the Filter rows step .
  4. Edit the Get variables step and a new field named start_date. Under Variable write ${START_DATE}. As Type select Date, and under Format select or type dd/MM/yyyy.
  5. Modify the filter step so the condition is now: date>=start_date and date<=31/12/2020.
  6. Modify the Select values step to remove the start_date field.
  7. With the Select values step selected do a preview. You will see this:

What just happened?

You ...

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