Time for action loading a region dimension with a Combination lookup/update step

In this tutorial you will load a dimension that stores geographical information.

  1. Launch Spoon.
  2. Create a new transformation.
  3. Drag a Table input step to the canvas and double-click it.
  4. As connection select js.
  5. In the SQL area type the following query:
    SELECT ci.city_id, city_name, country_name
    FROM cities ci, countries co
    WHERE ci.cou_id = co.cou_id
  6. Click on OK.
  7. Expand the Data Warehouse category of steps.
  8. Select the Combination lookup/update step and drag it to the canvas.
  9. Create a hop from the Table input step to this new step.
  10. Double-click the Combination lookup/update step.
  11. As Connection select dw.
  12. As Target table browse and select lk_regions or simply type it.
  13. Enter id as ...

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