Time for action—executing the hello world job from a terminal window

In order to run the job from a terminal window, follow these instructions:

  1. Open a terminal window.
  2. Go to the directory where Kettle is installed.
    • On Windows systems type:
      C:\pdi-ce>kitchen /file:c:/pdi_labs/hello_world_param.kjb Maria -param:"HELLOFOLDER=my_work" /norep
    • On Unix, Linux, and other Unix-like systems type:
      /home/yourself/pdi-ce/kitchen.sh /file:/home/yourself/ pdi_labs/hello_world_param.kjb Maria -param:"HELLOFOLDER= my_work" /norep
  3. If your job is in another folder, modify the command accordingly. You may also replace the name Maria with your name, of course. If your name has spaces, enclose the whole argument within"".
  4. You will see how the job runs, following the log ...

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