Time for action—sending a sales report and warning the administrator if something is wrong

Now you will build a sales report and send it by e-mail. In order to follow the tutorial, you will need two simple prerequisites:

  • As the report will be based on the Jigsaw database you created in Chapter 8, you will need the MySQL server running.
  • In order to send e-mails, you will need at least one valid Gmail account. Sign up for an account. Alternatively, if you are familiar with you own SMTP configuration, you could use it instead.

Once you've checked these prerequisites, you are ready to start.

  1. Create a new transformation.
  2. Add a Get System Info step. Use it to add a field named today. As Type, select Today 00:00:00.
  3. Now add a Table input step.
  4. Double-click ...

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