Time for action—generating the files with top scores by nesting jobs

Let's modify the job that updates the global examination file, so at the end it generates updated top scores files:

  1. Open the examinations job you created in the first tutorial of this chapter.
  2. After the last transformation job entry, add a job entry as Job. You will find it under the General category of entries.
  3. Double-click the Job job entry.
  4. Type ${Internal.Job.Filename.Directory}/top_scores_flow.kjb as Job filename.
  5. Click on OK.
  6. Save the job.
  7. Pick an examination that you have not yet appended to the global file—for example, exam5.txt.
  8. Press F9.
  9. In the Arguments grid, type the full path of the chosen file: c:/pdi_files/input/exam5.txt.
  10. Click on Launch.
  11. In the Job metrics tab of the

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