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Pentesting Web Applications

Video Description

Your one stop guide in knowing how secure your web apps are

About This Video

  • Get acquainted in testing your web application.
  • Create effective reports for customers and maintain access on the target machine when successfully exploited
  • Perform penetration testing in a real-time scenario; trying to resolve a challenge

In Detail

Penetration testing is not only about networks but also web applications.

Begin your journey by familiarizing yourself with the well-known tools to perform vulnerability assessment. Take a deep dive into understanding Metasploit Framework and learn how to maintain access on the target machine, when successfully exploited. Documentation is always essential and so is creating an effective report for submission to the customer. You will learn what to include in reports.

Finally, you will be all set to perform penetration testing in a real-time scenario, and will try to crack a challenge, summing up everything you have learnt so far and apply it in real-time.