You might already be familiar with how the power of data analytics has transformed the fields of marketing, sales, supply chain management, or finance. You may also be familiar with the idea that people are a company’s greatest investment. Well, like peanut butter and chocolate eventually found their way into a delicious treat, these two ideas found their way together, too — the happy result is called people analytics.

Welcome to People Analytics For Dummies, a book written for people open to the idea that there need not be any contradiction between what makes companies great places to work and great at producing business results. People analytics is built on the premise that what makes companies great is people, and that what can make more companies great when it comes to people is data analysis. Not any kind of analysis — specifically, the analysis of people at work.

In this book, you'll find an introduction to the data, metrics, and analysis at the basis of this new field called people analytics. Because it’s a new field, this may be the first time you’re hearing anything at all about it or, like most of the people doing the work today, you’re figuring it out as you go along. In any case, even if you’re familiar with people analytics already, this book may introduce you to new ways of approaching your work and may also provide you with some tips on how best to explain to others exactly what you do. (It never hurts to be able to express clearly and succinctly to ...

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