CHAPTER 19Measuring People Ops

Today, metrics are an essential part of any high‐performing team. People ops is no exception. Want a seat at the table? Data is your ticket. You'll need more than just spreadsheets of raw information, of course. You need insights, analytics, and a point of view.

Data helps uncover insightful workforce trends, ranging from the business impact of recruiting processes to departmental performance and employee engagement. It helps show where you're overspending and surfaces risks. It also gives teams actionable ways to improve based on real‐world, tangible data.

People ops teams can use workforce analytics to help business leaders unlock higher performance and growth. A consistent review of your team's morale, for example, enables you to proactively spot employee red flags like disengagement. In turn, you'll be able to mitigate the impact of these risk factors. These could include things like a drop in sales productivity, a poor customer experience, or a lagging supply chain.

In this chapter, we explain which people metrics to track and how to use them in leveling up your processes to gain richer insights into the people who make up your business.

From Gut Instinct to Data‐Driven Decisions

Measuring the workforce is no easy feat. It's not like a supply chain. People are complex and fluid. The world of human relations is based on many qualitative factors, and quantifying these can be challenging. But with the right internal processes and tools at ...

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