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Perfect Phrases for Sales Referrals: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Getting New Clients, Building Relationships, and Increasing Your Sales

Book Description


Perfect Phrases for Sales Referrals presents hundreds of time-saving tips and ready-to-use phrases you can use to virtually reinvent yourself when it comes to communicating with clients. Complete with dialogues and scripts for practicing interactions with existing and prospective clients, this handy, practical guide helps you:

  • Generate more referrals
  • Gather more qualified prospects
  • Increase your customer base
  • Improve your personal interaction skills
  • Close more sales than ever!

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. PERFECT PHRASES™ for SALES REFERRALS: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Getting New Clients, Building Relationships, Increasing Your Sales
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. Part I Perfect Phrases for Earned Referral Factor
    1. Chapter 1 How a Referral-Based Business Can Work
    2. Chapter 2 Common Language and Direct Value Statements
      1. The Direct Value Statement
      2. Sample Direct Value Statements
      3. Using the Direct Value Statement
  7. Part II Perfect Phrases for Client-Generated Referrals
    1. Chapter 3 What Keeps People from Earning Referrals
      1. 12 Reasons You Don’t Earn Referrals
      2. The Real Reasons for Lack of Referrals
      3. Leverage Your Tools
      4. Give-to-Get Meets Time Management
      5. Noncompetitive Groups
      6. Self-Assessment
      7. Conclusion
    2. Chapter 4 Give-to-Get
      1. Stop Stumbling on Referrals
      2. A Referral Philosophy
      3. Knowing Whom to Ask: The Four Characteristics of a Qualified Connector
    3. Chapter 5 Give Value First
      1. Client-or Prospect-Generated Referrals
      2. Nonclient-Generated Referrals
      3. Conclusion
    4. Chapter 6 Follow Through
      1. Follow Through with Referrals
      2. Active Connectors
      3. Passive Connectors
      4. Follow-Up with Connectors
  8. Part III Referrals from Nonclients
    1. Chapter 7 Give Emotional Words
      1. The Formula for Success
      2. Needs versus Wants
    2. Chapter 8 Nonclient Phrases
      1. Principal Accountant
      2. Nonprincipal Architect
      3. Principal Architect
      4. Litigating Attorney
      5. Nonlitigating Attorney
      6. Nonentrepreneurial CEO with an Engineering Background
      7. Nonentrepreneurial CEO with a Financial Background
      8. General Nonentrepreneurial CEO
      9. Nonentrepreneurial CEO with an Operations Background
      10. Chief Financial Officer
      11. Chief Information Officer
      12. Chiropractor
      13. Corporate Executive
      14. Entrepreneurial Dentist/Orthodontist
      15. Design Engineer
      16. Entrepreneur with an Engineering Background
      17. Entrepreneur with a Financial Background
      18. Entrepreneur
      19. Entrepreneur with an Operations Background
      20. Equipment Engineer
      21. Facilities Manager
      22. Franchisee
      23. Hematologist
      24. Hospital Administrator
      25. Hospital Materials Manager
      26. Human Resources Training Executive
      27. Insurance Claims Adjuster
      28. Medical/Dental Office Manager
      29. Oncologist
      30. Pathologist
      31. Primary Care Physician
      32. Process Engineer
      33. Purchasing Agent/Manager
      34. Radiologist
      35. Real Estate Manager
      36. Researcher
      37. Semiconductor “Fab” Manager
      38. Surgeon
    3. Chapter 9 Getting Recommendations
      1. Using Social Proof for Maximum Impact
      2. Getting Satisfied Customers to Help You Sell
      3. Compiling References
      4. Other Types of Social Proof
      5. Conclusion
    4. Chapter 10 A Long-Term Strategy
      1. Handwritten Cards
      2. Sample Cards
    5. Chapter 11 Conclusion