• Trevor's Sledgehammer

– Creating room for thought


Crushing a BlackBerry

A little over a year ago, on a warm July morning, I ran over my agency–provided BlackBerry with my car. After feeling a small but satisfying bump, I stopped. Then I shifted into reverse and ran over it once more, just to be certain.*

Upon inspection, I have to admit that the damage was disappointing. While the BlackBerry literature talked of “an exceptional wireless email and data experience,” and new levels of connectivity and connectedness to make any “mobile professional” salivate with desire, it had made no mention of durability. Yet even under the weight of more than a ton of German sheet metal, little more than the screen seemed to be damaged; not at all the effect that this particular mobile professional was looking for.

That's when I borrowed my neighbor Trevor's sledgehammer. And I'm happy to report that, despite some still-lingering damage sustained in my right shoulder from wielding the heavy weapon, it took just one blow to finally extinguish that nasty little red light. (See Figure 5.1.)

You may well be wondering at my wisdom in admitting so publicly to the destruction of company property. After all, Sir Martin Sorrell (who was kind enough to hire me and, at the time of writing, continues to employ me) is not renowned for his fondness for wasting money. But I reveal my transgression, ...

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