Perfectly Able

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More than 22 million of the almost 173 million working-age individuals in the United States have one or more disabilities. Perfectly Able offers practical guidance for companies large and small on how to hire and retain talented and motivated people from within this largely untapped pool of potential employees. Illustrated with enlightening personal stories, this one-of-a-kind book provides insight into what it’s like to seek employment as an individual with a disability. Readers will discover how to: • Evaluate how suited their workplace environment is for disabled or different employees and what needs to be changed • Improve and sustain their workforce by hiring the best people, regardless of any disability or diversity issue • Effectively recruit, place, and develop individuals with disabilities who can contribute to their company’s success • Embrace the differences among their workforce to add value to the organization

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword: Roads More Easily Traveled
  6. Preface: An Opportunity—Not a Responsibility
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Chapter 1: Gain a Better Awareness of Disability
    1. How Inclusive Recruiting Will Help You Prepare for Coming Changes in the Employment Landscape
    2. Why Your Diversity Initiative Needs to Include Disability
    3. How to Choose the Right Disability Awareness Trainer for Your Company
    4. The Right to Self-Determination for Individuals with a Disability in Today’s Workplace
    5. How Individuals with a Disability Define Inclusion
    6. The Role of Maturity and Self-Esteem in an Individual’s Approach to Disability
    7. How Learning to Live Well with a Disability Can Have an Upside
  9. Chapter 2: Foster a Company Culture That Is Receptive to Disability
    1. Put Your Diversity Values into Practice
    2. Create a Work Environment That Values Diversity
    3. Workplace Interdependence Makes Disability Irrelevant
    4. Bridge Builders Can Be Valuable to Your Corporate Culture
    5. Job Seekers with a Disability Can Add Elasticity to Your Workforce
    6. How You’ll Know Your Inclusion Efforts Are Working
  10. Chapter 3: Make Your Recruiting Efforts Disability Inclusive
    1. Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Employees with Disabilities
    2. What You as an Employer Need to Know About Current Interpretations of the ADA
    3. Considering Volunteer Experience May Be Essential in Fully Evaluating a Job Candidate
    4. Not All Volunteer Work Is the Same When Evaluating a Job Candidate
    5. How to Locate Job Candidates with Disabilities on the Local Level
    6. Using Job Fairs to Recruit Candidates with a Disability
    7. Locating Job Candidates with Disabilities Online
    8. Recruiting Qualified Job Candidates with Disabilities on College Campuses
    9. How to Make Your Screening Process Inclusive
    10. Four Barriers Job Candidates with a Disability Encounter When They Interview for a Job
  11. Chapter 4: Identify Job Candidates Who Will Thrive in Your Corporate Culture
    1. Job Candidates Who Approach Employment from an Entrepreneurial Perspective
    2. Job Seekers Who Are Successfully Operating Small Businesses
    3. People Who Have Moved Beyond Self-Absorption to Become Fully Engaged Members of Society
    4. Individuals Who Take Personal Responsibility When They Become “Easy Marks” While at Work
    5. How to Identify Individuals with Emotional Intelligence
    6. Job Candidates Who Can Gracefully Accept and Decline Help
    7. Individuals Who Can Carry Their Load as Members of Your Team
    8. Job Seekers Who Possess the Authenticity Valued in the Business World
    9. Targeting Candidates Who Are Willing to Take Reasonable Risks
  12. Chapter 5: Approach People Management from a Disability Perspective
    1. How Self-Esteem Affects Workplace Performance and Behavior
    2. Avoiding Paternalism in the Workplace
    3. Assigning a Mentor for Your Newly Hired Employee with a Disability
    4. Using Your Leadership to Help an Employee with a Disability Grow in His Job
    5. Removing Intentional and Unintentional Barriers to Achievement for Employees with a Disability
    6. Adaptive Technology Is Making Major Forms of Disability Irrelevant in the Workplace
    7. FAQ: Guidelines on Reasonable Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities Under the ADA
    8. Accommodations for Adaptive Technology: Who Should Pay for What Under What Circumstances
    9. When a Worker with a Disability Tries to Put One Over on You
    10. FAQ: Guidelines on Confidentiality for Employees with Disabilities Under the ADA
    11. How to Prevent a Disability Discrimination Lawsuit
    12. Curtis Bryan and Randy Hammer Make Blindness Irrelevant in Serving Customers
  13. Appendix A: Comprehensive Resource List for Hiring People with Disabilities
  14. Appendix B: About eSight Careers Network
  15. Appendix C: eSight Careers Network Article Links
  16. Index

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  • Title: Perfectly Able
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2010
  • Publisher(s): AMACOM
  • ISBN: 9780814415658