Healthcare Management
“Real health reform must solve deep systemic problems in the delivery of
medical services, not just the way we pay for care. This latest book by Bill
De Marco presents a realistic and practical blueprint for xing the system at
its base. Performance-Based Medicine: Creating the High Performance
Network to Optimize Managed Care, not the Affordable Care Act, should
be required reading for all who really want to build a new and better health
—Jeff Bauer, PhD, author of Paradox and Imperatives in Health Care and
Statistical Analysis for Decision-Makers in Health Care
“This book is particularly remarkable in that it focuses not just on pay-for-
performance and performance-based medicine, but truly on the provider
side of innovating managed care and embracing pay-for-performance. ... Bill
De Marco has hit a home run with his book: He has shown how to re-
engineer clinical pathways and disease processeseven with free, public-
domain tools—to add value in ways that most emerging ACOs and healthcare
exchanges have not yet realized ...
—David I. Samuels, author of Managed Health Care in the New Millennium
“Healthcare continues to be in crisis and in need of further reform, and Bill
helps leaders understand the steps they need to take to get that done.
George J. Isham, MD, Chief Health Ofcer, HealthPartners
With healthcare making the transition from volume-based reimbursement
programs to value-based approaches, Performance-Based Medicine:
Creating the High Performance Network to Optimize Managed Care
Relationships guides readers through the maze of denitions and discussions
related to value-based healthcare delivery and pricing. This timely book
shows how hospitals, HMOs, physician groups, and employers can arrive
at an optimized reimbursement cost and a coverage access decision that is
attractive to consumers yet fullls the need for a working margin.
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ISBN: 978-1-4398-1288-4
9 781439 812884
Performance-Based Medicine
De Marco
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