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Performance Basics, 2nd Edition

Book Description

Understanding performance improvement is imperative. Have you noticed the trend toward performance in your profession? It’s happening around the world. With organizations placing greater emphasis on results and accountability, having knowledge of performance is critical. In the revised second edition of Performance Basics learning strategist Joe Willmore guides you through human performance improvement—or HPI—and delves into major changes in performance analysis. See the Performance DNA process you know from ATD’s Human Performance Improvement program at work and discover why focusing on performance improvement is so important to organizational success. How do I conduct a front-end analysis? When should I focus on accomplishments? What is the importance of root cause analysis? And when do I administer formative, summative, and ROI analyses? If you’re grappling with any of these questions, you’ll find answers and step-by-step guidance inside. Get the results you need to generate organizational improvement and ensure you’re ready for your foray into performance consulting. You’ll find this book to be a useful tool. About the Series ATD’s Training Basics series offers techniques, examples, and exercises that help you perfect your skills and apply them on the job. Every title is designed to be a quick, concise crash course on a crucial training topic and features instruction for practical day-to-day application.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. About the Training Basics Series
  6. Preface
  7. 1. The Big Picture: Why Focus on Performance Improvement?
    1. How Performance Basics Can Help You
    2. Who Can Benefit From This Book?
    3. What This Book Can Do for You
    4. Getting It Done
  8. 2. What Is Performance Consulting?
    1. Defining Performance Consulting
    2. The 4 Key Roles of Performance Consultants
    3. How HPI Differs From Your Current Work
    4. The HPI Process
    5. Getting It Done
  9. 3. Human Performance Improvement Is Business Focused
    1. What Does Business Focused Mean?
    2. Front-End Analysis—An Overview
    3. Identify Key Performance Drivers
    4. Some Myths Around Business Analysis
    5. Partnering Is Critical
    6. Getting It Done
  10. 4. Performance Consulting Focuses on Accomplishments
    1. Accomplishment Versus Behavior
    2. How Behavior Still Figures Into the Equation
    3. Identifying the Performance Gap
    4. Spotting the Exemplar or Key Performer
    5. Getting It Done
  11. 5. Performance Consulting Finds the Root Cause
    1. Flavor of the Month
    2. The Critical Importance of Root Cause or Influence Analysis
    3. Why Organizations Fail at Analyzing Causes
    4. Causes of Performance Gaps
    5. The Importance of Root Cause Analysis Illustrated
    6. How to Do a Root Cause or Influence Analysis
    7. Getting It Done
  12. 6. Performance Consulting Does Not Jump to Conclusions
    1. HPI and Other Approaches
    2. Subjectivity and Performance
    3. Being Quick and Thorough
    4. Data-Collection Methods
    5. Discussing Performance Issues With Clients
    6. Getting It Done
  13. 7. Performance Consulting Solves Problems
    1. Taking Action
    2. Families of Solutions
    3. Synergy Among Solutions
    4. The Design and Development Process
    5. Common Mistakes
    6. Change Management
    7. Getting It Done
  14. 8. Evaluating Results: The Real Test of Performance
    1. Conquering Evaluation
    2. Key Evaluation Principles
    3. Types of Evaluation
    4. What to Measure
    5. Calculating ROI
    6. Evaluation Mistakes
    7. Making Evaluation Easier
    8. Getting It Done
  15. 9. Putting It All Together
    1. Being a Performance Consultant
    2. Selling HPI
    3. Getting Credibility
    4. Connecting to the Client
    5. Improving Performance Consulting Skills
    6. Identifying Your Niche
    7. Getting It Done
  16. References
  17. Additional Resources
  18. About the Author
  19. Back Cover