Chapter 3

Designing and Implementing Effective Performance Management


Bullet Ensuring that performance management plays a strategic role

Bullet Becoming a performance management leader

Bullet Defining and measuring performance and developing employee performance

Bullet Assessing performance management effectiveness

One of the very useful purposes of performance management is to connect employee behaviors and results with the organization’s strategic goals. If this link is not there, the performance management system becomes a bureaucratic burden and a waste of time rather than something that adds value to the organization.

So it is important that priorities and goals at the organizational level cascade down to the units and eventually all the way down to each individual employee — and for performance management to play an important role in making these connections happen.

For this cascading to take place, you as a manager need to become a performance management leader, which means you need to be an effective coach, make sure performance is defined and measured clearly, and know whether the ...

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