Chapter 11

Minimizing Rating Distortion


Bullet Dealing with disagreements in performance ratings across performance touchpoints

Bullet Dealing with reasons why raters intentionally distort ratings

Bullet Dealing with reasons why raters unintentionally distort ratings

If you collect data from multiple touchpoints such as supervisors, peers, and customers, it is possible that the ratings won’t be consistent: Some sources may tell you the employee is doing better than others in certain performance dimensions.

Is this a problem? Could it be that all performance touchpoints are somewhat accurate? When and why could it be that some of the sources of data are biased? And what can you do about it?

Clearly, these are critical issues because performance ratings need to be accurate for the performance management system to be fair and effective.

Dealing with Disagreements across Performance Touchpoints

When you collect performance information from more than one source, there will be some overlap in the dimensions you are measuring. For example, a manager’s peers and direct supervisor may rate him on the same competency “communication.”

In addition to the overlapping dimensions across sources, ...

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