Chapter 20

Ten Key Factors for Delivering Outstanding Results


Bullet Designing a state-of-the-science performance management system

Bullet Making sure performance management delivers results for employees, managers, and organizations

Bullet Implementing performance management systems that make sense

Want to make sure the performance management system works as intended and delivers excellent results? Then you need to ensure the system has these ten key factors.

Congruence with Strategy and Context

Make sure the system is congruent with the unit and organization’s strategy. In other words, align individual goals with unit and organizational goals. Also, make the system is congruent with the organization’s culture as well as the broader cultural context of the region or country.

Example If an organization has a culture in which hierarchies are rigid, an upward feedback system, in which individuals receive comments on their performance from their direct reports, will be resisted and not very effective.

Regarding broader cultural issues, in countries such as Japan, there is an emphasis on the measurement ...

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