\\\\s (whitespace) character class, Character Classes
\\\\S (nonwhitespace) character class, Character Classes
S command (Perl debugger), S
s command (Perl debugger), s
-s file test operator, File Test Operators
-S file test operator, File Test Operators
-s option (dprofpp), The Perl Profiler
-S option (perlbug), The perlbug Program
-s option (perlbug), The perlbug Program
s pattern match modifier, Pattern-Matching Operators, Extended Regular Expressions
s/// (substitution) operator, Regular Expressions, Pattern-Matching Operators
Safe module, Safe
-sav option (perlcc), The Perl Compiler
save(), save, save, save
CGI.pm module, save
HTTP\:\:Cookies module, save
News\:\:Newsrc module, save
Save(), Save, Save
Win32\:\:Registry module, Save
Win32\:\:Shortcut module, Save
save_as() (News\:\:Newsrc), save_as
scalar(), Scalar and List Contexts, scalar
scalar context, Scalar and List Contexts
scalar prototype symbol ($), Prototypes
scalars, Here Documents, Lists, Arrays, Creating References, Perl Functions by Category
arrays of, Arrays
functions for manipulating, Perl Functions by Category
lists of, Here Documents, Lists
references, Creating References
Scalar\:\:Util module, Scalar::Util
scale() (Canvas), Canvas Methods
Scale widget (Perl/Tk), The Scale Widget
scan(), scan, scan
HTTP\:\:Cookies module, scan
HTTP\:\:Headers module, scan
scheme() (URI\:\:URL), scheme
scope, variable, Declarations and Scope, Private and Local Variables, Perl Functions by Category
functions for, Perl Functions by Category
-screen option (toplevel), ...

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