The Listbox Widget

Create a listbox with the Listbox method. You can then insert items into the listbox using the insert method.

$parentwidget->Listbox (options)

The standard configuration options that apply to Listbox are: -background, -bg, -borderwidth, -bd, -cursor, -exportselection, -font, -foreground, -fg, -height, -highlightbackground, -highlightcolor, -highlightthickness, -relief, -selectbackground, -selectborderwidth, -selectforeground, -takefocus, -width, -xscrollcommand, and -yscrollcommand.

Other options are:

-selectmode => mode

Determines how many items can be selected at once, as well as key/mouse bindings. mode can be any of:

-setgrid => boolean

Turns on gridding for the listbox. If the widget is resized, only complete lines and characters are displayed. Default is 0 (off).

Listbox Indexes

In a Listbox widget, several indexes are defined to identify positions in the listbox, for use by the methods used for retrieving or manipulating listbox entries. These indexes are:


An integer representing a position in the list, with 0 as the first item.


The item with the keyboard focus.


The anchored position.


The last element in the listbox.

@ x,y

The listbox item containing the specified x,y coordinate.

Listbox Methods

In addition to configure and cget, the following methods are supported by Listbox:


Adds items to a listbox at the specified index. For example, to insert items at the end of a list:

$listbox->insert('end', "Puerto Rico", "Virgin Islands", ...

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