$fh ->setvbuf( params )


Takes the same parameters as the C function setvbuf(3) and uses the C function to set the buffering policy for the FileHandle.

The following additional FileHandle methods act as front-ends for the corresponding built-in Perl functions (see the O’Reilly book Programming Perl or the perlfunc manpage for more detail):

clearerr getc
close gets
eof seek
fileno tell

The next group of FileHandle methods correspond to Perl special variables (see Programming Perl or the perlvar manpage):

autoflush format_page_number
format_formfeed format_top_name
format_line_break_characters input_line_number
format_lines_left input_record_separator
format_lines_per_page output_field_separator
format_name output_record_separator

Finally, the following methods are useful:


See Perl’s built-in print function.


See Perl’s built-in printf function.


Works like Perl’s <FILEHANDLE> construct, except that it can be safely called in an array context (but it still returns just one line).


Works like Perl’s <FILEHANDLE> construct when called in an array context to read all remaining lines in a file.

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