Perpetual Transformation: Practical tools, Inspiration and Best Practice to Constantly Transform Your World

Book description

Transformation is no longer a short-lived initiative. It is not a program.It is not linear.Instead, the world’s leading organizations now embrace transformationas a a challenging, stretching, exciting and essential constant in theirlives. Welcome to the age of perpetual transformation.Now, the Brightline Initiative and Thinkers50 have collaborated to bringtogether some of the world’s leading minds on the theme of perpetualtransformation. Curated by Thinkers50 cofounder Stuart Crainer andintroduced by PMI COO Michael DePrisco, Perpetual Transformationfeatures ideas and insights from Didier Bonnet, Susie Kennedy, KaihanKrippendorff, Jeffrey Kuhn, Habeeb Mahaboob, Tony O’Driscoll,Martin Reeves, Lars Fæste, Tom Deegan, April Rinne, Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, Gabriele Rosani, Paolo Cervini, Robin Speculand, BehnamTabrizi and a host of others.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword
  6. Digital transformation for teams that are not digital-first, yet
    1. Rahul Avasthy
  7. Beyond digital transformation: What’s next?
    1. Didier C. L. Bonnet
  8. Putting employees and customers at the heart of transformation
    1. Tiffani Bova
  9. Thriving in a persistent transformation context
    1. Edivandro Carlos Conforto and Juliana Mendes
  10. How to survive in a world of perpetual transformations
    1. Claudio Garcia
  11. Transforming for a sustainable future
    1. Matt Gitsham
  12. Making perpetual transformation the norm
    1. Susie Kennedy
  13. An essential framework for continuous innovation
    1. Kaihan Krippendorff
  14. Strategic explorations: The wellspring of corporate renewal and longevity
    1. Jeffrey Kuhn
  15. Developing a transformational culture
    1. David Liddle
  16. Organizing for perpetual transformation
    1. Habeeb Mahaboob
  17. The transformation office as a permanent part of organizational life
    1. Reinhard Messenboeck, Kristy Ellmer, David Kirchhoff, Mike Lewis, Perry Keenan, Simon Stolba and Connor Currier
  18. A people-centered approach to leading perpetual transformation
    1. Tony O’Driscoll
  19. Transformation ignition points
    1. Tahirou Assane, Yavnika Khanna, Emil Andersson and Tony O’Driscoll
  20. Transform for resilience: An imperative for good times too
    1. Martin Reeves, Lars Fæste & Tom Deegan
  21. Perpetual transformation in a world in flux: Toward a flux mindset and organizational resilience
    1. April Rinne
  22. Becoming a focused organization to achieve perpetual transformation and thrive in a world driven by change
    1. Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez
  23. A paradigm shift for managers: Focus on the journey, not the destination
    1. Gabriele Rosani and Paolo Cervini
  24. Change vitality: How to lead for continual transformation
    1. Deborah Rowland
  25. Eight implementation habits
    1. Robin Speculand
  26. Talking transformation
    1. Behnam Tabrizi
  27. Back Cover

Product information

  • Title: Perpetual Transformation: Practical tools, Inspiration and Best Practice to Constantly Transform Your World
  • Author(s): Project Management Institute
  • Release date: February 2022
  • Publisher(s): Project Management Institute
  • ISBN: None