Personal Best: How to achieve your full potential

Book description

True inspiration from a true inspiration

"...vibrant and instructional ... fresh, original and devoid of the usual sound bites and transatlantic psychobabble of many books of this genre..."

The Independent on Sunday

It's not always easy to embrace life, to get up and go, to follow your dreams and make things happen... imagine how much more difficult it must be to achieve your dreams after suffering from cancer as a teenager and losing your leg. But that's exactly what Marc Woods did. Marc overcame his challenges and went on to become a four times Paralympic Gold medalist. It's that determination and dedication that Marc shares with us in this powerful book. His inspiring story is the motivation we all need to start being the best we can be. This fully updated Second Edition includes a new chapter on Resilience.

"Personal Best is a truly inspirational book, written with great honesty, compassion and humility. Marc's ability to overcome adversity and triumph in so many diverse areas is an example to us all."

Sarah, The Duchess of York

"Marc has a remarkable story and is an absolute inspiration."

Roger Daltrey

Personal Best will help you to:

  • Set specific, measurable and achievable goals

  • Learn to forge supportive teams and communicate with those around you

  • Find role models and follow their example

  • Learn to ignore other people's prejudices and not let them hold you back

  • Deal with change—both change that you chose and change that you don't

  • Manage stress both at home and at work

Marc Woods is a five-time Paralympian. He has won 12 Paralympic medals as well as 21 other medals from championships around the world. He was a member of the British Olympic Athletes Commission and a founding member of the British Athletes Council. He works extensively with individuals, teams and global businesses, encouraging them to develop best practice within their given areas of interest. Approximately 25,000 people each year watch him deliver his motivational presentations.

Product information

  • Title: Personal Best: How to achieve your full potential
  • Author(s): Marc Woods
  • Release date: December 2011
  • Publisher(s): Capstone
  • ISBN: 9780857082664