Chapter 8

Considering Important Investment Concepts


check Determining your investment goals

check Evaluating returns and risks

check Keeping your eggs in more than one basket: Asset allocation

check Distinguishing the best investment firms from the rest

Making wise investments need not be complicated. However, many investors get bogged down in the morass of the thousands of investment choices out there and the often-conflicting perspectives on how to invest. This chapter helps you grasp the important “bigger picture” issues that can help you ensure that your investment plan meshes with your needs and the realities of the investment marketplace.

Establishing Your Goals

tip Before you select a specific investment, first determine your investment needs and goals. Why are you saving money — what are you going to use it for? You don’t need to earmark every dollar, but you should set some major objectives. Establishing objectives is important because the expected use of the money helps you determine ...

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