Chapter 19

Using Technology to Manage Your Money


check Evaluating personal finance software, apps, and websites

check Performing financial tasks via technology

Although a computer and, to a lesser extent, a smartphone may be able to assist you with your personal finances, they simply represent a couple of many tools. Computers are best for performing routine tasks (such as processing lots of bills or performing many calculations) quickly and for aiding you with research.

This chapter gives you an overview of how to use technology, software, apps and cyberspace with your finances. I tell you how to use this technology to pay your bills, focus on your spending, prepare taxes, research investments, plan for retirement, trade and invest, buy insurance, and plan your estate, and I suggest the best software, websites, and apps.

Surveying Software, Apps, and Websites

You can access major repositories of personal finance information through your computer. Although the lines are blurring among these categories, they’re roughly defined as software, apps, and the Internet:

  • Software refers to computer programs that are either packaged in a box or DVD case or are available to be downloaded online. Most of the mass-marketed financial software packages sell for under $100. If you’ve ...

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