Chapter 5

Proven Ways to Spend Less and Save More


check Cutting your housing costs and trimming your taxes

check Handling food, transportation, fashion, and recreation expenses

check Reducing the expenses of technology, insurance, professional advice, and healthcare

When I worked as a financial counselor, I was surprised at how often clients solicited my feedback on their spending, because a good portion of them were doing a fine job saving money. In addition to wanting to know how to save more to accomplish their goals, they also wanted to know how their spending compared to others’ and how they could best cut their own spending.

This chapter includes the same advice I gave my clients about spending money. How and where you spend your money is a matter of personal choice and priorities, but those choices can affect the amount of money you have left to save. In this chapter, I present ideas on how to get the most from spending and how to spend less. (In Chapter 2, I discuss the importance of developing a savings mind-set, as well as budgeting and spending strategies.)

Containing Housing Costs

Housing and its associated costs such as insurance, utilities, furniture, maintenance, ...

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