Chapter 9

Making the Most of Your Career


check Jump-starting your career

check Making the most of your education options

check Considering your options in the world of small business

check Being prepared for a career change

check Coping with unemployment

What’s your most valuable asset? As a young adult, it’s probably your future earning potential. That’s why I devote this chapter to helping you make the most of your career and future employment. In addition to tips to jump-start your career, I discuss furthering your education and training, exploring your entrepreneurial options, and handling job changes and loss.

Getting Your Career Going

As you transition from school to the workforce, you can maximize your chances for financial and career success. This section discusses arranging your finances and making decisions to further invest in your education and training.

Putting everything in order

If you just graduated from school, or you’re otherwise in the your early years in the workforce, your ...

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