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Personalizing Customer Engagement Through Gamification

Video Description

EA Sports™ FIFA is one of the best-selling videogame franchises in history. With over 100 million sales worldwide, it has built a fervent and diverse fan base. From avid FIFA® Football fans to sports gamers who are in it for the competition to brand new players who are trying to figure it all out, FIFA is challenged with the task of offering relevant and personalized information to each of their distinct customer segments. Pamela Radford, Senior Director of Global Engagement Marketing at EA, saw gamification as the solution to this challenge. As a result, EA recently introduced FIFA Fan Rewards, a gamified website that rewards and acknowledges FIFA fans for interacting with the fan site and directs each fan to the most applicable content for them. With FIFA Fan Rewards, fans are being rewarded for sharing their love of FIFA, inspiring advocacy through social channels and driving engagement far beyond each game launch cycle. This presentation will give a backstage look into how EA is using gamification to reach their customers with targeted multi-channel lifecycle marketing. Through this example, they will shed light on how entertainment properties can leverage gamification to drive enduring customer loyalty and build a deeper relationship with their biggest "fans." Pamela Radford Sr. Director, Global Engagement Marketing, Electronic Arts