Practice Test 2
This practice test is designed to simulate PMI
s 170-question PfMP
exam. You have four hours to answer all questions.
INSTRUCTIONS: Note the most suitable answer for each multiple- choice
question in the appropriate space on the answer sheet.
1. An important but often overlooked item that should be part of the portfolio
strategic plan is:
a. Organizational structure and organizational areas
b. Application of resources to components
c. Portfolio roles and responsibilities
d. A high- level timeline
2. While project management is becoming a standard way of working in many
organizations, its success requires portfolio management to ensure every
project in the portfolio supports organizational strategies. Portfolio man-
agement, however, requires a structure for effectiveness. In developing this
structure, a best practice is to base it on:
a. Availability of funding
b. Specic categories
c. Portfolio, sub- portfolios, programs, and projects based on organizational
d. Specic portfolio management processes to be executed
206PfMP® Exam Practice Tests and Study Guide
3. You are the portfolio manager for your chicken feed company located in
Europe. The company’s strategic goal is to be the market leader and to sup-
port as many poultry plants as possible. The company is striving as well
to acquire smaller competitors. The challenge is that with each acquisition
there are risks involved including review of competitor products, their
resources, and planned products. Your rm just acquired another company,
which means all the portfolio documents must be updated. Also, the port-
folio must be updated, and components reprioritized. You are working on
the risk management plan. You are determining the effect of changing three
factors in the portfolio so you are:
a. Rebalancing the components
b. Using trade- off analysis
c. Using sensitivity analysis
d. Estimating portfolio risk exposure
4. Assume your organizations strategy is undergoing a major change as execu-
tives realized the existing dog food products it had manufactured for years
were no longer being purchased in the typical quantities, and it was losing
market share to the competition. The executives are changing to a new line
of products as well as entering the cat food market. Because of the new stra-
tegic direction, it is necessary to consider:
a. Employee morale
b. The need for an infusion in capital
c. Requirements for training and developing new competencies and skills
d. Key stakeholder expectations and communication requirements
5. Stakeholder analysis is critical in ensuring the stakeholders are part of the
portfolio process and also to ensure their information needs are met. Not to
be overlooked as one performs a stakeholder analysis is the:
a. Relationships among them
b. Frequency information is needed
c. Communication vehicles to use
d. Communications effectiveness

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