13 Aerial: kite shots

A bird's-eye view

Ricardo Mendonça Ferreira

The Idea

Flying has long been a universal dream. Today balloons, airplanes, and satellites enable us to view the Earth from above, but they are very expensive tools beyond the reach of most people. If you dream of photographing the world as seen by birds, there is a simple and cheap alternative: harness the power of the wind and loft your camera with a large kite. You won't have to take your feet off the ground, it's inexpensive, it's safe, and it's a lot of fun.

A Flowform kite, one of the most popular kites for KAP photography

The Ingredients

  • ▶ Good, large, stable single-line kite [Flowforms, Rokkakus, and Doperos are all good)
  • ▶ Small, lightweight camera with an intervalometer ...

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