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Photo Restoration and Retouching Using Corel® PaintShop Pro® X6, Fifth Edition

Book Description

This friendly, step-by-step guidebook shows you how to use the latest version of PaintShop Pro's image-editing tools to restore, enhance, and retouch photographs. Whether you're new to working with digital images or are a seasoned pro, PHOTO RESTORATION AND RETOUCHING USING COREL PAINTSHOP PRO X6 will teach you the skills you need to get great results with your photos. After a brief introduction to PaintShop Pro and other helpful topics such as scanning and organizing, author Robert Correll walks you through more than 70 detailed photo studies that teach you how to restore and retouch photographs to make them worthy of display in your home or office, in albums or in scrapbooks. In each study, you'll learn to tackle specific problems-from red eyes to blemishes to lighting problems, and much more, including pro-level retouching techniques. Learn to create great photos that you'll be proud to share with friends, family, and the world, with PHOTO RESTORATION AND RETOUCHING USING COREL PAINTSHOP PRO X6.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. Chapter 1 Getting Started with Corel PaintShop Pro X6
    1. Photo Restoration and Retouching
    2. Getting Acquainted with PaintShop Pro X6
    3. Working with the Manage Workspace
    4. Using the Adjust Workspace
    5. Using the Edit Workspace
    6. Updating the Program
  8. Chapter 2 Retouching Techniques and Methods
    1. Using the Adjust Versus Edit Workspace
    2. Preserving a History with Working Layers
    3. Duplicating Layers Versus Copying and Pasting
    4. Copying Merged Layers and Pasting to Lock in Changes
    5. Using Clone Layers for Flexibility
    6. Experimenting with Duplicate Images
    7. Masking Versus Erasing
    8. Using Adjustment Layers
    9. Using Temporary Adjustment Layers
    10. Finding Out What You Did
    11. Saving Settings
    12. Blending with Opacity
    13. Enlarging Versus Cropping
    14. Preserving or Deleting EXIF Data
  9. Chapter 3 Improving Brightness and Contrast
    1. Photo Study 1: Basic Brightness and Contrast
    2. Photo Study 2: Brightening an Older Photo
    3. Photo Study 3: Brightening Faces
    4. Photo Study 4: Restoring Detail to Washed Out Areas
    5. Photo Study 5: Boosting Contrast
    6. Photo Study 6: Localizing Adjustments
    7. Photo Study 7: Taming Highlights
  10. Chapter 4 Solving Color Problems
    1. Photo Study 8: Adding Color and Vibrance
    2. Photo Study 9: Improving Muted Colors
    3. Photo Study 10: Dealing with Oversaturated Colors
    4. Photo Study 11: Restoring Photos Yellowed with Age
    5. Photo Study 12: Cooling a Warm Photo
    6. Photo Study 13: Warming a Cool Photo
    7. Photo Study 14: Working with White Balance
  11. Chapter 5 Sharpness, Noise, and Distortion
    1. Photo Study 15: Sharpening Photos
    2. Photo Study 16: Selective Sharpening
    3. Photo Study 17: Tackling Digital Noise
    4. Photo Study 18: Reducing Noise and Removing JPEG Artifacts
    5. Photo Study 19: Removing Lens Distortion
    6. Photo Study 20: Manual Perspective Correction
  12. Chapter 6 Removing Specks and Dust
    1. Photo Study 21: Basic Speck and Dust Removal
    2. Photo Study 22: Working in Hard-to-See Areas
    3. Photo Study 23: Dusting Off Digital Shots for eBay
    4. Photo Study 24: Dealing with Background Texture
  13. Chapter 7 Repairing Scratches, Tears, Creases, and Holes
    1. Photo Study 25: Fixing a Large Scratch
    2. Photo Study 26: Repairing Border Problems and Tearing
    3. Photo Study 27: Repairing a Mounted Photo
    4. Photo Study 28: Filling a Hole
    5. Photo Study 29: Mending a Torn Photo
    6. Photo Study 30: Mending a Partial Tear
    7. Photo Study 31: Dealing with Tears, Creases, and Stains
    8. Photo Study 32: Restoring a Missing Corner
  14. Chapter 8 Moving, Adding, or Removing Objects
    1. Photo Study 33: Taking Out Photo Notations
    2. Photo Study 34: Erasing Crayon and Pen
    3. Photo Study 35: Removing Marker and Ink Smudges
    4. Photo Study 36: Moving a Teddy Bear
    5. Photo Study 37: Removing Odds and Ends
    6. Photo Study 38: Adding a Person to a Photo
    7. Photo Study 39: Creating Montages
  15. Chapter 9 Retouching People
    1. Photo Study 40: Removing Red Eye
    2. Photo Study 41: More Red Eye Techniques
    3. Photo Study 42: Whitening Teeth
    4. Photo Study 43: Teeth, Eye, and Skin Touch-Ups
    5. Photo Study 44: Glamorous Skin Smoothing
    6. Photo Study 45: Complete Body Makeover
    7. Photo Study 46: Hiding Hair Loss
    8. Photo Study 47: Cleaning Up Nostrils
  16. Chapter 10 The Good, the Bad, and the Artistic
    1. Photo Study 48: Lipstick, Please
    2. Photo Study 49: Dude
    3. Photo Study 50: Prognosis Pink
    4. Photo Study 51: Deblurrification
    5. Photo Study 52: Pen and Path
    6. Photo Study 53: HDR Exposure Merge