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Photo Restoration: From Snapshots to Great Shots

Book Description

In Photo Restoration: From Snapshots to Great Shots, author Robert Correll carefully guides you through the process of restoring your photos, teaching you the most effective techniques to preserve and repair your damaged or aging images. Organized based on a helpful photo restoration workflow, the book will feature Adobe Photoshop as the primary software solution of choice, with coverage of Photoshop Elements and Lightroom as well. Read the book from start to finish or quickly access the information you need for the specific photo problems at hand.

The book will start by covering the basics, such as how to evaluate how a photo is damaged and then move to the appropriate solution; how to properly handle and scan/import your photos; and how to use Photoshop as a photo retouching tool, with information on how Photoshop Elements and Lightroom can also play a role in restoring your images.

The book then dives into specific issues that arise with old or damaged photos, such as removal of dust, scuff marks, and stains; repairing actual damage such as creases or missing corners; correcting color-related problems like blue or yellow-tinted images and oversaturation; and improving the contrast and brightness of both color and black-and-white images. Finally, the book finishes up by showing you how to add a special touch of greatness and creativity to your photos, in addition to printing and archiving.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. 1. The Art and Science of Photo Restoration
    1. Making Lemonade
    2. Poring Over the Picture
    3. Poring Over the Picture
    4. What You Need to Get Started
      1. Photos
      2. Hardware
      3. Software
      4. A Methodical, Problem-Solving Mindset
    5. Gathering and Evaluating Photos
      1. Sentimentality
      2. Artistry
      3. Projects
    6. Categorizing Common Problems
      1. Surface Blemishes
      2. Physical Damage
      3. Color
      4. Brightness and Contrast
      5. Problems in Other Areas
    7. Following a Consistent Plan
    8. Keep Calm and Carry On
    9. Ten Teasers
    10. Chapter 1 Assignments
  8. 2. Preparing and Scanning Photos
    1. Things You Need to Know
    2. Poring Over the Picture
    3. Poring Over the Picture
    4. Removing Photos from Albums and Frames
      1. Albums
      2. Frames
    5. Handling Photos and Film
      1. Handling Tips
      2. Cleaning Advice
      3. To Dust or Not?
    6. Shopping for a Scanner
    7. About Scanner Software
    8. Choosing Scanner Settings
      1. Common Basic Scan Mode Settings
      2. Advanced Mode Settings
      3. Color Profile (Color Matching)
    9. Scanning Loose Photos
    10. Scanning Photos in Albums
    11. Scanning Film and Slides
    12. Chapter 2 Assignments
  9. 3. Working with Photoshop
    1. Focusing on Restoration
    2. Poring Over the Picture
    3. Poring Over the Picture
    4. Choose Your Own Adventure
      1. Novice
      2. Photoshop Elements user
      3. Photoshop user
    5. Key Restoration Concepts
    6. Photoshop Versions
    7. Setting Up (Photo)Shop
      1. Color Settings
    8. Top Restoration Tools
      1. Critically Important Tools
      2. Vital Adjustments
      3. Other Significant Photoshop Features
      4. Honorable Mention
    9. Photoshop Tips and Techniques
      1. Naming Your Layers
      2. Disabling the Pixel Grid
      3. Dragging Layers Between Files
      4. Dragging Masks Between Layers
      5. Documenting Your Work
      6. Creating Tool Presets
      7. Creating Actions for Repetitive Processes
      8. Using Adjustment Layers
      9. Using Smart Objects
      10. Organizing Layers with Layer Groups
      11. Colorizing Layers
      12. Managing History
      13. Saving Selections
      14. Saving Large Files
    10. Restoring Photos in Photoshop
      1. Showing Clipping
      2. Duplicating Open Images
      3. Opening Photos in Adobe Camera Raw
      4. Comparing Before and After
      5. Toggling Layer Groups
      6. Making Channel-Specific Adjustments
      7. Opacity Blending
    11. Using Photoshop Elements
    12. Setting Up a Working File
    13. Chapter 3 Assignments
  10. 4. Cleaning the Surface
    1. The Secrets to Cleaning
    2. Poring Over the Picture
    3. Poring Over the Picture
    4. Surveying the Scene
      1. Looking Around
      2. Planning Your Attack
    5. Making the Right Decisions
      1. Selecting the Right Tool
      2. Selecting the Right Magnification
      3. Selecting the Right Brush Size
      4. Selecting the Right Brush Hardness
      5. Selecting the Right Tool Options
    6. Using Your Tools
      1. Selecting the Source
      2. Brushing
      3. Dabbing
      4. Selecting New Source Areas
    7. Not Settling for “Meh”
      1. Undoing Mistakes
      2. Trying Again
    8. Location, Location, Location
      1. Skies
      2. Clouds
      3. Water
      4. Trees
      5. Grass
      6. Rocks
      7. Sand
      8. Snow
      9. Buildings
      10. Faces
      11. Hair
      12. Clothing
      13. Portrait Backgrounds
    9. Cleaning with Photoshop Elements
    10. Chapter 4 Assignments
  11. 5. Repairing Physical Damage
    1. Building on Success
    2. Poring Over the Picture
    3. Poring Over the Picture
    4. Primary Repair Techniques
      1. Cloning and Healing
      2. Cropping and Masking
      3. Copy and Paste
    5. Handy Repair Tools
    6. Repairing Damaged Corners and Borders
    7. Covering Creases, Cracks, and Scratches
    8. Filling Holes and Other Surface Damage
    9. Reconstructing Torn or Cut Photos
    10. Using Photoshop Elements
    11. Chapter 5 Assignments
  12. 6. Correcting and Enhancing Color, Brightness, and Contrast
    1. A New Paradigm
    2. Poring Over the Picture
    3. Poring Over the Picture
    4. Easy There, Pardner
    5. Making Adjustments
    6. Using Adjustment Layers
      1. Creating Adjustment Layers
      2. Editing Adjustment Layer Properties
      3. Locking In Adjustments
    7. Using the Camera Raw Filter
    8. Using Masks to Limit Adjustments
      1. Creating Masks
      2. Editing Masks
      3. Mask Options
      4. Super-Secret Mask Tricks
    9. Tackling Specific Problems
      1. Correcting a Color Problem
      2. Reducing Age-Related Yellowing
      3. Removing a Green Tint
      4. Improving Color, Brightness, and Contrast
      5. Making a Levels Adjustment
      6. Correcting Color, Brightness, and Contrast
      7. Taming Highlights
      8. Rescuing Details
    10. Using Photoshop Elements
    11. Chapter 6 Assignments
  13. 7. Creating Great Shots
    1. Adding Greatness
    2. Poring Over the Picture
    3. Poring Over the Picture
    4. Using Smart Objects and Smart Filters
      1. Creating Smart Objects
      2. Applying Smart Filters
      3. Smart Object Features
    5. Dodging and Burning
    6. Straightening Photos
    7. Cropping Images
    8. Changing the Aspect Ratio
    9. Sharpening Photos
    10. Reducing Film Grain and Noise
    11. Reducing Red-Eye
    12. Reducing Lens Distortion
    13. Transforming Photos
    14. Using Clarity
    15. Creating Duotones
    16. Using Creative Masks
    17. Being Artistic
      1. Lady Liberty Comes Alive
      2. Blending Possibilities
      3. Overcoming Noise with Color
      4. Sometimes It’s Good to Be Bad
    18. Using Photoshop Elements
    19. Chapter 7 Assignments
  14. Index