Photoshop CC For The Web

Video Description

With so many file formats, colour spaces, and image types, knowing where to start with web graphics can be daunting. But guided by this thorough, yet easy to follow course, you'll be feeling like a pro in no time! Join award-winning trainer Geoff Blake as he takes you step-by-step through the process of preparing images for your next web project. You'll learn all about the web friendly file formats, when to use each, and how to get the most out of them. Discover web colour spaces, methods for working faster and more efficiently, and an approach to image resolution that'll leave you feeling like a Zen Master of web graphics! Break down the barriers, dispel the myths, and clear the clutter. In just a few short hours, you'll have clarity and confidence using Photoshop for your web projects!

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1: Getting Started
    1. Hello And Welcome 00:01:11
    2. Understanding Raster And Vector 00:03:42
    3. Setting Up Photoshop for the Web 00:09:40
    4. Common Photoshop Productivity Techniques 00:09:29
    5. Understanding Colour Spaces 00:06:55
  2. Chapter 2: Preparing Your Images For The Web
    1. Understanding the Image Size Dialog Box 00:09:50
    2. Why Resolution Doesn't Matter On The Web 00:15:42
    3. Techniques for Resizing Images 00:11:23
    4. Web Graphics Roundup 00:07:40
    5. Saving Images As A GIF 00:08:19
    6. Saving A Transparent GIF 00:03:13
    7. Saving Images As JPEGs 00:05:33
    8. Saving Images as PNGs 00:04:01
    9. Saving Images In the SVG Format 00:06:04
  3. Chapter 3: A Closer Look At Image Optimization
    1. Touring Through the Save For Web Dialog Box 00:07:50
    2. Optimizing Images as GIFs 00:07:00
    3. Creating Animated GIFs 00:06:24
    4. Optimizing Images as JPEGs 00:04:40
    5. Saving As Both PNG-8 And PNG-24 00:03:24
    6. Creating Alpha Transparency with PNGs 00:03:37
    7. A Final Note On Image Optimization 00:01:34
    8. Preparing Images For Retina Displays 00:04:44
    9. Saving An Optimization Preset 00:03:39
    10. Creating A Droplet 00:07:00
    11. Batch Processing A Large Number Of Images 00:02:48
    12. Using Photoshop's Image Processor Command 00:02:59
  4. Chapter 4: Photoshop Web Styling Techniques
    1. Creating Web Buttons 00:10:40
    2. Building A Website Header 00:10:41
    3. Building A Navigation Menu 00:08:41
  5. Chapter 5: Using The Photoshop Asset Generator
    1. Introducing The Asset Generator 00:08:04
    2. Going Further With The Asset Generator 00:07:46
    3. Final Notes When Using Generator 00:02:21
  6. Chapter 6: Wrapping Up
    1. Where to Go From Here 00:02:08

Product Information

  • Title: Photoshop CC For The Web
  • Author(s): Geoff Blake
  • Release date: June 2014
  • Publisher(s): Ten Ton Books
  • ISBN: 00023PSFTW