Chapter 3. Using Adobe Camera Raw

The heart of CS2’s RAW processing is the Adobe Camera RAW plug-in, developed and constantly updated by the eminent Thomas Knoll, one of the original creators of Photoshop. Camera Raw has come a long way in just a short time and has become the RAW processing tool for many photographers. Now in CS2, Camera Raw supports opening and viewing multiple images, making it not only an outstanding RAW processor but a viable editing environment as well. This chapter gives you a general overview of the basic controls and features of Camera Raw. Subsequent chapters expand into more detail on such subjects as tone mapping, white balance, sharpening, and reducing noise.

Chapter Contents

Updating Camera Raw
Workflow Options
Editing with Camera Raw
An Overview of Camera Raw Tools
Camera Raw Preview and Analysis Tools
Camera Raw Tabs

Updating Camera Raw

Before you do anything, you’ll want to have the most recent version of Camera Raw. Note that the Adobe Camera Raw plug-in is a work in progress. Every few months or so, it is updated to support new digital cameras that come online. Minor, behind the scenes improvements, are also sometimes made. It’s therefore best to periodically check the Adobe web site and download the latest version of Camera Raw. It’s free.

At the Adobe site, you can also sign up to receive email notices informing you when new versions of Camera ...

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