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Photoshop CS3 - level 1

Video Description

Photoshop CS3 - level 1Photoshop is the leading photo retouching program and has some great features to learn. These videos will take you though all you need to know to get started using this fantastic piece of software. Patrick will show you around the workspace and through the tools on offer. With each tool and dialogue box he will show you the best way to use it to create cool effects. Patrick covers masks, layers and gradients plus explains about image resolution.

Table of Contents

  1. Workspaces 00:07:35
  2. The toolbox 00:11:13
  3. The Pen tool 00:11:27
  4. Type 00:08:05
  5. Montage with masks 00:08:35
  6. Using the Replace colour command 00:07:04
  7. Healing brush tool 00:07:32
  8. Magic wand and quick masks 00:10:30
  9. Hue painting mode 00:10:06
  10. Image resolution 00:10:34
  11. Layer blending modes 00:10:37
  12. Levels and histograms 00:08:23