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Photoshop CS3 - level 3

Video Description

Photoshop CS3 - level 3This level 3 course is designed for those people already using Photoshop in their everyday work but know there is a much better and quicker way to approach their work. In these videos Patrick will show you some of the most advanced features in Photoshop and how to use them in a simple and useful way. This will allow you to work more efficiently and produce some great artwork. Learn how to change scaling in small parts of an image without affecting the rest of it, change lighting, use layers to produce the best effects and what History can really be used for. Plus, there are plenty of great shortcuts to learn.

Table of Contents

  1. Grouped layers 00:05:27
  2. Smart objects 00:03:53
  3. Layer clipping masks 00:07:40
  4. Layer blending modes 00:06:20
  5. Making lightening adjustments 00:07:22
  6. Alpha channels into InDesign 00:09:47
  7. Brush presets 00:06:22
  8. History features 00:09:33
  9. Shortcuts 00:08:44
  10. Masks 00:10:46
  11. Actions 00:09:33
  12. Smart filters 00:07:29