Chapter 2. Photoshop Inside Out

Despite the sometimes enigmatic quality of computers and software, we can count on certain things in just about any computer application — toolbars, menus, keyboard shortcuts (some of them common to many applications), and dialog boxes that appear when the toolbar buttons and menu commands are used. All these common features do two things: They help us feel more comfortable with different applications, which shortens our overall learning curve, and they help us devote our time to the features that vary by application — the things that make each application unique.

You'll find all the aforementioned familiar features in Photoshop, which should put you at ease. At first glance, the workspace — the default arrangement of the Toolbox, menu bar, and a handful of palettes — looks simple enough, and in fact, Photoshop can be simple to use. Upon further inspection, of course, you'll find that Photoshop has much more going on than many applications. Photoshop has lots of palettes, some unique menus, and options bars. Photoshop CS3 also continues to offer the Bridge, which premiered in CS2, which provides a separate application workspace for file management. Add to that the fact ...

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