Chapter 11. Distortions and Effects

As you discovered in Chapter 10, corrective filters enable you to eliminate image flaws and apply special effects that enhance the appearance of an image — generally without losing any details or changing the overall image content. These filters improve upon, rather than change, an image.

Destructive filters, on the other hand, are devoted solely to special effects. There are nearly twice as many destructive filters as corrective filters, perhaps because they simplify the creation of special effects, from simple artistic medium-mimicry to total distortion — things you could not easily do from scratch with any of Photoshop's tools or corrective commands and filters.

Now, some Photoshop veterans will tell you that destructive filters aren't useful or they aren't as important or effective as the corrective ones. That's an entirely subjective position, and one that isn't really worth defending or attacking. Suffice to say that many veteran designers ...

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