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To my Dad
I’ve been involved with digital photography for over 20 years, and the greatest pleasure has come
from working with a community of generous, big-hearted people. For this book, I want to especially
thank the following people, who shared their wisdom, knowledge, and work so freely.
From Adobe: Thomas Knoll, Kevin Connor, Tom Hogarty, John Nack, Cris Rys, Jeff Chien, John Peterson,
Bryan O’Neil Hughes, Jon Petersen, and John Worthington.
Contributing photographers: Peter Burian, John Carnett, John McDermott, Luis Delgado Qualtrough,
Maggie Hallahan, Jack Holm, Peter Krogh, Richard Morgenstein, Michael Reichmann, Mark Richards,
Derrick Story, and Martin Sundberg. (On the next page, I’ve included a photographers contributor list
with contact information. I encourage you to check out the photographers work and see for yourself
why I am so honored to have them associated with this book.)
From O’Reilly, which very patiently supported my efforts: Tim O’Reilly, Mark Brokering, Dan Brodnitz,
Laurie Petrycki, Robert Eckstein, Steve Weiss, Betsy Waliszewski, Sara Peyton, Michele Filshie, Ron
Bilodeau, and Dennis Fitzgerald. A very special thanks to my editor, Colleen Wheeler, who makes
everything happen. The design and layout of this book is groundbreaking and for that, I profusely
thank Michael Kavish and Jan Martí, who went way beyond what was expected of them. Lori Barra, of
TonBo designs, was also supportive.
Thanks also to Bill Atkinson for his advice and help. We had several lively conversations that informed
a lot of the material in this book. Thanks also to Dave Coffin, Eric Hyman, Fred Shippey, Dave Drum,
Bruce Yelaska, Cheryl Parker, Jonathan Chester, Rudy Burger, Michael Borek, Andrew Tarnowka,
Saurabh Wahi, Mike Haney, Paul Saffo, Leo Laporte, Suzanne Kantra Kirschner, Tom Kunhardt, Martin
Evening, Lynne Browne, and Paul Kellogg.
Research assistants Peter Burian and Ed Schwartz both assisted me in various research capacities,
and I really enjoyed the collaboration with these fine men. Doug Nelson did an over-the-top job of
technical editing, which I really appreciated. Deke McClelland was helpful, as always. Neil Salkind and
David Rogelberg of Studio B watched out for my best interests, as usual.
And finally, thanks to my wife, Rebecca, and two daughters, who make all this worthwhile.
Mikkel Aaland
San Francisco, 2007

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