You can update to the latest version of
Adobe Camera Raw by going to
(Figure 4-1) or by using the Adobe Update
Manager (HelpUpdates) from within
Photoshop or Bridge. I’ve had mixed
results with the Update Manager, so I
suggest you check out the Adobe site
from time to time. The update is available
through other sites as well, which you can
find by Googling the words “Camera Raw
Which Version?
You can tell which version of Camera Raw
you are using by selecting Photoshop
About Plug-InCamera Raw... from the
main Photoshop menu. In Windows, the
About Plug-In” location is under the Help
menu. The dialog box containing the
version number (circled in Figure 4-2) will
From the main menu bar in Bridge, you
can find the Camera Raw version number
by selecting Bridge Camera Raw
Preferences. (With Windows, Camera Raw
Preferences are under the Edit menu.)
The version number is at the top of the
Preferences dialog box, as shown in
Figure 4-3.
Before you do anything, you’ll want to have the most recent
version of Camera Raw. Every few months or so, it is updated
to support new digital cameras. Occasionally, minor behind-
the-scenes improvements are also made. It’s therefore best to
periodically download the latest version. It’s free.
Camera Raw
Figure 4-1
Figure 4-3
Figure 4-2
GettinG Started with Camera raw
From Camera Raw you can find the
version number by selecting the open
preferences dialog box icon located in the
toolbar (circled in Figure 4-4). The version
number appears in parentheses at the top
of the dialog box (also circled).
After You Download
After you download the Camera Raw
plug-in file from the Adobe site, do the
Close Photoshop and Bridge. 1.
On a Mac, go to the Finder; in 2.
Windows, open My Computer and
double-click Local Disk (C).
On a Mac, navigate to 3. Library/
Application Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins/
CS3/File Formats. (Figure 4-5). In
Windows, navigate to Program Files\
Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CS3\File
Formats. (Vista doesn’t use the “My
grammar, but the path is the same, as
you can see in Figure 4-6.)
Move the existing plug-in to another 4.
location or simply rename the file.
Keep this version in case you need to
revert to your original version.
Place the Camera Raw plug-in from 5.
the download into the same folder as
in Step 3.
The next time you fire up Photoshop
or Bridge, the new version will become
available. It’s not necessary—or
desirable—to replace or throw away any
Camera Raw cache folders. Just replace
the plug-in itself.
Figure 4-4
Figure 4-6
Figure 4-5

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