Chapter 6. Using Photoshop's Main Retouching Tools

In this chapter, we focus on the three main retouching tools in Photoshop: the Clone Stamp, the Healing brush, and the Patch lool. Along the way, we take a couple of side trips 10 visit some other tools called the Spot Healing brush and the Liquify filter.

You may have noticed that I'm calling these tools retouching tools, yet this book is titled Photoshop C53 Res (oral ion and Retouching Bible. That's because ihese tools and many techniques associated with them are often used in the same ways to solve restoration and retouching problems. For example, the procedure for repairing a hole in an old print in a restoration job is the same as removing something distracting in a retouching job. The tools are genetically called retouching tools, because that's what they're most known for.

This is much like the relationship between a carpenter and his tools. After he's mastered them, he can use them to achieve all sons of goals. The carpenter can use his tools to restore a historical home, or he can build a new home from scratch.

Just like the carpenter's tools, the concepts in this chapter are core to the restoration and retouching processes. Any serious restorer or retoucher uses most of them on a daily basis. I encourage you to ...

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